What is this Blog About? The Chalisa, the 40 Mighty Steps

  1. This blog is about four things:
  • the best possible gift for your child
  • the art of giving. How much do you give?
  • the art of being useful
  • the art of belonging

What Could be the best Possible Gift for Your Child?

  1. This blog is about the best possible gift for your child. If you are a Mom, Dad or Teacher you will find this blog very useful. If you are grandma, grandpa or a good neighbor too you will find it very useful.
  2. The best possible gift for your child is a five letter word– Peace something which eludes individuals, societies and the world.
  3. Peace not as a mere wish, but as a skill and a competency. Peace that stays with your child through life, with him and his family for ever.
  4. The good news is that eight million children in about 31 countries have found this peace related skill, through ten sessions of engagement with conflict resolution skills, self esteem, self confidence and above all prevention of violence.
  5. About 500 of those children are from India. They are from Haryana and Delhi. They are students of Delhi government schools, two English medium school in Haryana and Kasturba Vidyalaya.
  6. This training is very soon coming to Patna in Bihar and to Kashmir and then to every part of India.
  7. This training designed by an organization whom President Obama described as the world’s largest peace education organization.
  8. The Geneva based Nonviolence Project Foundation (NVPF) has assembled this course
  9. To reach your child we would like to reach your child’s teacher. We have the master trainers who could train and equip your teacher as a peace trainer. It does not take very long and it does not cost much.
  10. Give your child, peace and happiness, not as a wish but as a skill and competence. Send an email today to infononviolence India.

The Art of Giving: How Much Do You Give.

  1. This blog is also about the art of giving. When you give, how much do you give? Well give enough. How much is enough. Give not one but 40 mighty steps you reader can take to the future.
  2. Practicing the art of giving is actually very simple: if you want joy, give joy to others; if you want love, learn to give love; if you want attention and appreciation, learn to give attention and appreciation; if you want material affluence, help others to become materially affluent.
  3. Through these blogs we give give know how. We practice Karma Yoga.
  4. Chalisa, is among  the most repeated prayers in the world. It is addressed to the monkey God Hanuman. Hanuman is known for doing impossible things, promptly. The prayer to him is in 40 stanzas (in fact 42). When you are giving, giving a little more does no harm.
  5. The blogs and and books in this blog follow the chalisa pattern. On every issue we go for the forty mighty steps. So be prepared you will find forty might steps and forty mighty sources for things you want to do, things you want to learn. Do please watch out for Mighty Forties.
  6. In these blogs you will find the 5 Ps of Sustainability. People, Planet, Peace, Prosperity and Partnerships.
  7. In these blogs you will find the 6Ws and the on H Who, What, When, Where, Why and How (including at what cost.
  8. In these blogs you might find the  ten key societal players from Ato J  (Administrators, Business Leaders, Communicators, Democratic Leaders, Education System, Faith based organizations, Grassroots Players, Health System, the IT people and the Justice Systems and seekers.)
  9. In these systems you will find the protectors, the 4 Cs and the four Es
  10. Chalisa may also link you to the right tools, sources, courses, sites, portals, events and communities.Each Chalisa will be available to you as a self learning module.

Art of Being Useful

  1. Art of being useful takes us to the magical world of nutraceuticals.”Let food be your medicine,” said, the father of Medicine, Greek Physician Hippocrates.
  2. What you receive will be a self-contained blog each time on a nutraceutical or any other useful product, which as it is you can post to a friend in need. Your friend will find it most useful and practical. The blog will also tell your friend how to get a discount on the product.
  3. Nutraceuticalis a pharmaceutical-grade and standardized nutrient A nutraceutical is a  food or part of food or nutrient, that provides health benefits, including the prevention and treatment of a disease.
  4. We all once lived the garden of Eden, at least in rural areas abounding in plants, trees, vegetables and fruits. But now we have moved out and are living in concrete jungles. Freshness and diversity have gone out of our diet. With the result we miss out on many minerals and vitamins. It is the lack of some of those that often make us weak, tired and sick.
  5. Fortunately, India has a great tradition of treating illnesses through available natural resources, fruits, seeds, leaves, branches, stems and roots. Ayurveda has handed over wisdom from time immemorial. So have Unani and Sidha.
  6. Often the best advice you can give a person or family with illness and ailment is the availability of an appropriate food supplement or nutraceutical which consumed for a length time could bring that person to proper health.
  7. But at the same time there is standardization or certification in many of these products nor is there literature available on any of those.
  8. We will be recommending nutraceutical and food supplements which are certified by FDA (Food and Drug Authority of USA) and Central Food Training and Research Institute (CFTRI).
  9. We will not be product-centric in our recommendation but we will give you advice for people who suffer from known conditions. We will be person specific and condition specific.
  10. When appropriate, our recommendations will go beyond nutraceuticals to other products of utility.

The Art of Belonging

  1. A sense of belonging to a greater community improves your motivationhealth, and happiness.
  2. As Emperor Haile Selassie said “We must become bigger than we have been: more courageous, greater in spirit, larger in outlook.”
  3. The need for connection and community is primal, as fundamental as the need for air, water, and food. Keeping this in mind thisblog also invites you to belong to a great family of peace builders.
  4. If you are a student who has completed the course, do continue to be a member of our peace community and continue to build peace.
  5. If you are a school counselor join our national circle of counselors. Update yourself with tools and knowledge.
  6. If you are a parent be part of our national federation of parent-teacher associations.
  7. If yours is a peace school the national assembly of peace schools is where you belong.
  8. We are also a part of a large consumer movement. We will update you on what is happening to consumer movements across the county.
  9. Technology now allows us to meet several times over every day. Let us grow together.
  10. Let us be worthy of our children. Let unite in support of our child and learn from each other’s experience.