Augustine Veliath Proposes the Consortium and Communities Approach to Life Long Education (C-CASE )

Life long education? We have run out of excuses. Nation wide and world wide life long education is now possible.We have the reach, the technology, the know how, the arguments, the consensus and the conviction.

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 by Augustine Veliath

Here is a “A powerful recipe to the possibility of everyone working  together  on gender equality. This is a collective quest where individuals and communities  address  all the gender equality issues, one by one in a strategic and concerted manner through Consortia Approach.

ABCD and beyond  of Development

Practical  WISDOM TO achieve gender equality  says  that unless the ABCD makes it their business, it will not happen.  Further  unless   EFGHIJ must lend their prowess and strength to this collective effort.They all must ask, what is keeping them  from action?

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