A Very significant document has come out. It is a letter from Pope Francis addressed to everyone on this planet.

Pope Francis is head of the world’s largest religions community, the Catholic Church. He has a billion followers.

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Sharmila Tagore in Conversation with Augustine Veliath on VAW (Violence Against Women).

The very beautiful and talented Sharmila Tagore recently addressed leaders of local governments, on the occasion of the Panchayati Raj Foundation Day. She chose to speak about violence against women (VAW).

On the sides of the event, I had a chance to interview her. She firmly believes that when it comes to violence against women the local self governments can bell the cat. She says the Prime Minister of the Chief Ministers cannot do much but the panchayats can.

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In the process, one of India’s most popular actors have become a public health model.

Actor Deepika Padukone broke the silence and stigma around depression, sharing for the first time with the public, her battle against the ailment.

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By Augustine  Veliath

On this International Women’s Day  I have a sense of accomplishment.

I was part of an event Elevate 2015 in Mumbai which I believe contributed significantly to the idea of gender equity. We who assembled at the  Club in Juhu in Mumbai came from the creative communities of Indian cinema and television on the one hand  and many experts who deal with the priorities of our times such as health, development and gender.

We took three important words home from this third edition Elevate.  jointly organized the Asian Center for Entertainment Education– the Third Eye  and The Club


The Asian Center for Entertainment Education was founded to bring together the creative communities and those who work with the “priorities of our times”.  Its flagship annual event therefore brings writers, directors and producers from the film and television world on the one hand and those who work for human development, environment and Read more