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Augustine: Are You Curious about me? Let us know each other

Augustine Veliath is a professional with 42 years’ experience as communication strategist, social mobilizer, writer, publisher and communication trainer. Augustine is also South Asia’s leading voice on fifth quintile listening and harvesting conversations. He has also great track record in mobilizing and working with young people. He has served UNICEF for 23 years as a Communication […]

Malnutrition as a Good Governance Challenge

Persistent malnutrition causes the biggest good governance challenges to India and many other developing countries.Malnutrition is directly or indirectly associated with 56% of all child mortality and is the main contributor to the burden of disease in poorer communities.

India As the New Care Giver of the World

Will India Become the World’s Care Giver? The Roman god after whom, the month of January is named has two heads one that looks back and the other that looks forward. It is that time of the year, we take a stock of things and plan ahead. I am tempted to therefore to talk to […]