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6 Reasons Why Theatre is an Effective Public Health Tool

Eight major towns and cities of Uttar Pradesh, India’s most populous state, hosted a well researched, world class play during the  winter of 2010. Shifa ((Healing), the play took stigma and discrimination head on, unraveling the ramifications of exclusion through the eyes of a woman, a man and a child. Here are six Shifa reasons […]

Abhinav Farmers Club: 50 Steps to Transforming the Farmer In You.

Once upon a time…. Abhinav Farmers Club is a national award winning group farming initiative located in Mulshi taluka, of Pune district of Maharashtra a state in India. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abhinav_Farmers_Club Once upon a time in the neighbourhood of Pune, there was a farmer’s son. The farmer was in debt like most farmers in India. He had already sold ten acres of his land […]

26 Things that the New Humans Do

  See trends and the emergence of new patterns from apparent chaos. Help members of the culture or organization to preserve the genius of the culture even as they help move it into the new story. Be open to the fact that the membrane between cultures, between worlds, between old and new ways of being […]

Augustine Veliath An Introuduction

Augustine Veliath   Augustine Veliath is a   professional with 40 years’ experience as communication strategist, social mobilizer, writer, publisher and communication trainer. Mr. Veliath is also South Asia’s leading voice on fifth quintile listening and harvesting conversations. He has also great track record in mobilizing and working with young people. He has served UNICEF for 23 […]

Nehru’s Genius in 10 points

Nehru’s Genius was not in writing  those two books. “Discovery of India and Glimpses of the World. Those two books showed that he was a well-read man. He not only read but he also retained. His memory was phenomenal. Those two books did help open my eyes to a vast world and universe called India. […]

Celebrations — A Mewat San Diego Story.

 Celebrations as Part of Children’s Lives Celebrations are  a part of children’s lives everywhere. Here we explore cooperation between a children’s home in India and a school in San Diego, California. In their celebratory cooperation lies a model for the world. Let us visit the Mewat home. They are like school going  adolescents anywhere else. […]

Nutrition Coalition finds a Home in VHAI

Today was a day of  pure nostalgia for me. I went to listen to Dr.  M.S. Swaminathanspeaking on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Please do look up Dr. Swaminathan here. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M._S._Swaminathan. For more details of on SDGs follow the link below. http://www.un.org/sustainabledevelopment/sustainable-development-goals/ I also planned to sign up as a member of the National Coalition for Nutrition […]

Exclusive Breastfeeding: 8 Steps to a CLF Campaign

The proposed campaign on early and exclusive breastfeeding will be done in eight steps outlined below. Step 1. Identify the Cluster Level Federation Early and exclusive breastfeeding! Which are the cluster level federations willing to do a full-fledged community campaign? Let us  identify them. Step 2. Invite the Federations We invite them to join the campaign […]

Radio Bultoo

“Radio Bultoo” is the Chhattisgarh’s version of disseminating information through bluetooth-enabled mobile phones in local languages. It uses mobile phone and digital technology for effective communication in rural areas particularly among farmers. Since transfer of files including the voice recording through bluetooth is free, this has gained popularity in some parts of Chhattisgarh. People can record […]