Augustine Veliath


Augustine Veliath is a   professional with 40 years’ experience as communication strategist, social mobilizer, writer, publisher and communication trainer.

Mr. Veliath is also South Asia’s leading voice on fifth quintile listening and harvesting conversations. He has also great track record in mobilizing and working with young people. He has served UNICEF for 23 years as a Communication Specialist, working in the most challenging states of India. He has also served as Media Advisor to the Government of India.

A passionate advocate on child rights, he has contributed to many national campaigns.


Founder Director

Mr. Veliath is a founder director of the Asian Center for Entertainment Education and is working on linking creative communities (film, Television, radio, folk) to priorities of our times. He is also associated with the New Millennium Listeners’ Institute and the Global Network of Community Colleges as founder Director.



With postgraduate certificates from London University Institute of Education (on production of distance learning materials) and the Fielding University of Califronia (on fundamentals of world café processes), Mr Veliath has a post graduate diploma in Journalism and Mass communication and a Bachelors degree in Philosophy.



In a professional career spanning some 43 years, his work has focused on results-oriented programme management in the areas of communication, advocacy, media relations and resource mobilization. His work experience cuts across UN, public, private, non-profit and media sectors.


A strong believer in the leadership of children he trained thousands on the convention of the rights of children and promoted child participation in many pioneering ways.



His former employers include the United Nations system (UNICEF) 1988 — 2011; Government of India (MHRD) 1987, Voluntary Health Association of India and the Catholic Health Association of India 1975 – 1986, Manas Publications 1975, the Century 1973-75 and the Indian Express 1972-73,


International Civil Servant

He joined UNICEF in 1988 to support the world’s biggest health communications campaign (UIP). Mobilised among others, film stars, script writers of Bollywood for children. (Project Smita, National Script writers Conference). Ran the 7 cities campaign in Madhya Pradesh. Was responsible for communication campaign that contained the cholera epidemic in Delhi – 1988.


Public Health

As the Head of the Department of Publications in Voluntary Health Association of India he published and marketed more than 350 health learning materials, some of them in 17 languages, and was also leading campaigner for the national alliance for nutrition of infants.