1.   See trends and the emergence of new patterns from apparent chaos.
  2. Help members of the culture or organization to preserve the genius of the culture even as they help move it into the new story.
  3. Be open to the fact that the membrane between cultures, between worlds, between old and new ways of being is breaking down
  4.  Helps cultures and organizations move from patriarchy to partnership, from dominance by one economic culture or group to circular investedness, sharing and partnership.
  5.  Present a model for a constantly learning society, consistently open to new ideas that can sustain and enrich an emerging planetary culture.
  6.  Help to create, wherever possible, new models of education.
  7. See the  world around them as a  metaphor, of high and low theater, of great poetry and music, and of a people deeply engaged by each of these activities.
  8.  Re-mythologize and rewove stories in the light of today’s necessities.
  9.  Discover again and on a deeper level the meaning and relevancy of the once and future story, for without story, a culture becomes denatured and demoralized.
  10. Remind one and all that there is somewhere to go, there is something to become.
  11. Demonstrate that healing is wholing.
  12. Be an evocateur who shows people how to access their inner wisdom and knowledge.
  13. Be trained in compassionate listening, a major training for the social artist.
  14. Know the genius of one’s own roots, but also be willing to expand to other cultures for mythic allies and wisdom.
  15. Be creative, contemplative, and be a vital synergy between inner and outer realities necessary to transform organizations, institutions, paths of possibility, as well as visionary endeavors, and, in so doing, unleash the human spirit of both those who compose the endeavor and those who are served by it.
  16. Offer means by which all members of a community are invited to enjoy the opportunity to influence the political and economic institutions that affect their lives, while simultaneously growing a sense of personal responsibility for fulfilling their needs and wants.
  17.  Seeks to rekindle spontaneous generosity with special emphasis on honoring the capacities of others.
  18. Find ways to  equalize access to the best possibilities in: gestation, birth and parenting practices; nutrition, health and fitness; community life, education, arts, and sciences; as well as our ways of growing old and dying well.
  19.  Activates the artistic process as a means of recharging imagination and expressing common dreams.
  20.  Seek to move beyond polarities, competitiveness and confrontation into modes of cooperation and understanding, providing networks of mutual assistance through compassionate listening and dialogues of fairness to address critical issues and move beyond wounding and hatred.
  21. Encourage celebration through music, songs, humor, dances, ritual and mythic enactment to be played, performed and celebrated.
  22. Create  a social theater to demonstrate the New Story of the world in transition.
  23. Turn allies and friends  into world servers and create the field in which one can abandon oneself to the strength of others.
  24.  Remove the obstacles that prevent people from being all they can be, thereby enabling them to realize their potential.
  25. At all times be   a listener and listens to the ideas, needs, aspirations and wishes of others and then help them achieve it.
  26. Partner creation in the recreation of ourselves, in the restoration of the biosphere, and in the assuming of a new kind of culture–what we might term a culture of kindness– where we live daily life in such a way as to be re-connected and charged and intelligenced, to become liberated in inventiveness, and very engaged in our world and our tasks.