livelihood and health go hand in hand

Jeevika calls us to make history.

Yes we are called to make history in our life time, in fact in the next three years. Few people in history has had such an opportunity.

Jeevika  plans to  impact directly 12 million families or households that is about 72 million people spread over  a 100,000 villages. Yes we  live in epic times. Indirectly we stand to change the behaviour of 100 million people, change the social norms of how they approach  health, gender and livelihood issues.

Jeevika Calls Us to Change a Billion Conversations

We stand to change the society in Bihar and India. In order to do this we need to change a billion conversations in the small towns and villages of Bihar, in the homes, in the clinics and hospitals, in the government offices and market places.

How do we get there? What are the questions we should be asking before we get there?

Can we, the key people involved in this mission pause and  ask ourselves the most important questions, before we take the next leap?

I am suggesting that we use the Wold Cafe process  to ask those questions to have a conversation. World Cafe heavily used by the corporate and development world across the world is yet to catch up in India.

Jeevika Calls Us to Ask the Right Questions

I have conducted a few world cafe sessions in India, some of them with children and others with development professionals.  Each one was a rewarding experience. The cover picture on my facebook page is a Water Cafe conducted in New Delhi. I know the one we do on the 14th will also be a rewarding experience.

The success of World Cafe sessions depend on the questions discussed on the Cafe tables.  What should these questions be? What do you think are the most important five or six questions we should be asking within Jeevika. Tomorrow I will be posting to you the seven step process that constitutes world cafe. If you do not want wait till tomorrow  here is a link. (you will get six more letters like this till the day of the world cafe session).

I do not want  to overload you with information, hence this daily instalment approach.

It all depends on how we formulate our questions. I will be sending you a letter  on the 9th and links on how such questions can be formulated. But till then I suggest each one of you individually formulate a question or two and post it to me.