Want to live your life intensely? I believe three passions did it for me.  Communication, children and my (childhood) convictions — these  three passion have contributed to the intensity of my life. This is how I make a difference in the lives of others.

Communication – Live Your Life Intensely by Bringing Out the Divine in You

Being a creative communicator has helped me in living my life intensely. Communication is my specialization. I am a trained communicator and have  been trained by so many illustrious communicators. In turn I have trained and still train a large number of people to be good communicators.

All my life I have had communication related designations Reporter, Editor, publisher, Head of Communications, Writer, Advocacy and Partnership Specialist. My communication skills are rooted in what I call the seven Indian insights on communication. I put a high premium on listening as the heart of communication.

Communication is about changing behaviors, attitudes and policies. I have made a difference in many lives through communication, which in turn has made me live my life intensely

Children – Live Your life intensely by Being  a Better  Parent, Teacher and Mentor

Children have paid my salary for many many years. Children still pay my pension. In the process they have made sure that I live my life intensely.  For 23 long years I have worked with UNICEF, that too in two India’s most challenging states.

Prior to joining UNICEF I was advising India’s brand new Department of Women and Child Development on child focused and child centric communication.  I see children as the future. I believe in children’s leadership.

I swear by the Convention of the Rights of Children and the right of children to be heard. But intensity comes when we begin to listen to children and when we become their voice to the world. There is intensity in accepting children’s leadership.

Convictions – Let your Childhood Convictions  help you Live your life  Intensely

Living life intensely is also the result of carrying my convictions through life. I was born and brought up as a Christian an Indian Christian, with emphasis on both words. I belong to a great tradition of servant leadership and am very influenced by Pope Francis. I also rate Samuel Rayan as the finest among Asian theologians.

Being brought up as a catholic child in the state of Kerala makes sure that you have intense child hood. Being brought up as a member of  a parish From your younger days you become first in the Holy Childhood Society, then as an altar boy, then as a member of the Sodality and then member of the youth learning group. The parish library takes care of your need to learn more and read more.

My parents also never let me forget that I was born 24 kilometers away from the birth place of Adi Shankara, a 9th century , philosopher  the greatest Indian ever lived and the proponent Advaita.