why-read-a-blog-by -Augustine

Scripting for life is a favorite theme of mine. I intend to create some of the most read blogs in the world. Through my blogs I would like to help you script your life. What should you look for?

(1) Why Read a Blog on Communication Insights from Indian philosophy and traditions.

This is unique to me. I have spent a life time looking for and applying Indian insights into the theory and practice of communication. I will be blogging on them fairly regularly. My ambition is to create the most read blogs related to communication.

I would love to coach you on 7 Most important Indian Words in Communication.

(2) Art of Listening and Harvesting Conversations

You will find a number of techniques, tools and promising practices from across the world on the art of listening and harvesting conversations. Do please read my blogs from the beginning because they come from World Cafes and especially children’s cafes that I conduct

I conduct world World Cafes in India and I do train others to do so

(3) Talking Points on Rights of Children

I joined UNICEF in 1988 and in 1989 the General Assembly passed the UN Convention of the Rights of Children. Ever since I have engaged with this most ratified human rights treaty in the history of the world. i will be posting often on this.

I run a three day four D course on the Rights of Children.

(4) Child Participation

Child Participation is an ever evolving theme. You will find techniques, tools and lessons from across the world on this in my blog.
I help conduct child participation camps.

(5) I often comment on public health. I am a member of HIFA ( Health Information for All) the world’s largest network of public health practitioners. I am also a columnist for Health Action. Watch out for my next public health blog.

(6) As a founder director of the Asian Center for Entertainment Education, I do comment on media and social responsibility very often.

(7) Media Literacy is one of the greatest needs of our time. Let me show you how you and your children can engage with media critically and not as passive recipients.

I conduct special courses for Parents, teachers and students on Media Literacy.

(8) Edumentory Mr Watson: I coach mentors, especially those who would like to bring back drop outs back into the mainstream. Many of my blogs will related to mentoring and coaching.

I have thirty module course for Educational coaches and mentors.

(9) I believe one of the most active leaders of our times is Pope Francis. I follow him very closely. I will be highlighting his moves through these blogs.
Francis to Parish is book of mine under preparation

(10) Discovery of the Day. I chance upon interesting websites, links and documents every day. Being in the capital of India I run into interesting meetings and people. All this and more I will be posting on this blog.